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Tips for Challenges & Honor Rides

General Public Riders: Need help fundraising? Here are some helpful hints for ways to raise money for your Challenge or Honor Ride registration fee

Ride 2 Recovery is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, tax id # 20-2252840. Donations made on behalf of riders are 100% tax-deductible.

    2.    ASK EVERYONE, MULTIPLE TIMES (on average, it takes 3 asks before someone makes a donation)
    3.    SET A GOAL

    4.    BE INFORMED - get the facts about the incredible impact Ride 2 Recovery has
    5.    SHARE YOUR STORY - people who update their personal page with their story raise an average of 5 times more than those who don't
    8.    MATCHING GIFTS - ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. Remind your donors to do the same.
    11.  DON’T GIVE UP!
Educate your sponsors about Ride 2 Recovery's mental and physical rehabilitation program for injured veteran's, the program’s success in improving quality of life, the lasting positive effects and impact in our community. Stress the importance of any size donation.

Honor Rides

The Honor Ride Series raises funds and awareness for Ride 2 Recovery with one day, non-competitive, self-paced rides throughout the US.  All of the funds raised support Project Hero Programs and the purchase of bikes for R2R healing heroes.  To donate to a participant or to fund your fundraising page, please use the search for a rider function.

For more detailed fundraising tips, please click on the Honor Ride tab above, select your city, and visit the "Fundraising Tools" pages you'll see toward the top of the page.

If someone would like to send in an offline donation on your behalf, please have them include this form with their donation and send the form and check made out to Ride 2 Recovery to:
Honor Ride c/o Ride 2 Recovery
23679 Calabasas Rd, Suite 420
Calabasas, CA 91302


I've never raised money before, where do I start?
If your only experience in raising money has been buying a box of Girl Scout cookies, not to worry! This easy step-by-step guide will make your job easier and perhaps even fun! The most successful campaigners have told us that they received most of their money from those they expected to contribute the least! So leave no stone unturned.
The key to successful fundraising is starting AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
The most important thing is to start today! Once you start to train for the Ride 2 Recovery, you will want to focus most of your time and energy on improving your physical endurance. While it is not impossible to conduct your fundraising campaign during your physical training, and many have done it successfully, you may wish to make it easier on yourself. The closer you are to your financial goal early on, the more undivided attention you can give to your conditioning program.
Raising the bucks to make a difference!
It is important to remember the real reason you are raising money. Your fundraising has a crucial purpose. Ride 2 Recovery is a national organization that works on behalf of the physical and metal rehabilitation of veterans and related conditions such as PTSD, loss of limbs, and other injuries suffered while serving this country. These brave men and women need help adjusting to life after combat. Cycling is particularly important since it is something that virtually all of the patients can participate in as you will see on the ride. Ride 2 Recovery even custom builds bikes for participants so that the most severely wounded veterans can still participate. The best part about our programs as that they are always free to healing heroes.
Letter Writing Campaign
This is absolutely the most effective aspect of Ride 2 Recovery fundraising effort! 
Here’s how it’s done.
    •    Educate yourself about the mission of the Ride 2 Recovery.
    •    Choose an honoree with their picture and information about the type of Mental and Physical condition they have.
    •    Personalize your letter – and be honest.
    •    Humor helps!
    •    Keep it short and sweet.
    •    Include a self-addressed envelope with all of your letters, so your friends and family can easily mail back a donation.
    •    Matching gifts will double your donations; so in every letter ask if their company has a matching gift program.
    •    Follow-up. People get busy and intend to donate, but your letter may not be on the top of their list.
    •    Don’t be shy. Everybody needs a reminder!
    •    Ask everyone. You’ll be surprised how many people know someone who is affected by the mental and physical rehab or have someone in his or her family who suffers with PTSD.
Each letter is an opportunity for a donor to get to know more about the Ride 2 Recovery program and contribute to your campaign. Be patient! It’s highly unlikely that you’ll meet your fundraising minimum after one mailing. Life today is a hectic act of balancing work and family commitments and to be honest, sometimes your letter is not the most pressing issue of the hour. With a solid, consistent letter writing campaign you can be sure that you’ll never be far from their thoughts – or their checkbook! Don’t give up.
Remember that the funds you raise will help fund Mental and Physical rehab quality of life programs. Your family, friends, co-workers and business associates will have tremendous respect and admiration for your commitment. You will be amazed by their generosity! So… believe in yourself and you will reach your goal.
    1.    Sponsor yourself for $20.
    2.    Ask five family members to sponsor you by contributing $20 each.
    3.    Ask five friends to contribute $20 each.
    4.    Ask five co-workers to contribute $20 each.
    5.    Ask your boss to sponsor you by contributing $80.
    6.    Ask four businesses you frequent to donate $50 each.
As you get more confident with your fundraising you may consider asking for a larger amount. Give your donors choices with the lowest amount being $50. The larger donations typically come from those that you would least expect!
Identify your resources. We all have a variety of people in our lives that can donate to the Ride 2 Recovery.

Prospective Donors

Aerobics/Spin instructors Children’s teammate’s parents Dry Cleaner Insurance Agent Parents’ friends Relatives
Attorney Clients Employer Interior Designer Pediatrician Service Organizations
Babysitter/Daycare Center College Classmates Financial Advisor Lawn Service Co. Pharmacist Sorority/Fraternity
Spouse’s Business Associates
Banker Co-workers Florist Manicurist Printer Tenants in office/apartment
Business Suppliers CPA Golf Partners Mechanic Professional Associations Travel Agent
Car Dealer Dentist Grocery Store Minister/Church Members Psychologist Veterinarian
Christmas Card List Doctors Hair Stylist   Neighbors Realtor  


"Fun"draising Ideas
Remember you are “fun”draising. So make sure you are having fun. Below are some “fun” ways to boost your bucks.
    •     Car wash
    •     Birthday cards
    •    Wine tasting party
    •     Dress down days at work
    •    Offer your career skill for sale
    •    Host a game night
    •    Bake sale
    •    Sell raffle tickets
Never rely on any one event. Your letter writing campaign must be your number one focus. BE STRONG. Be proud of what you’re doing and ask everyone to donate. That means every single person you make contact with. You are asking on behalf of the Military, VA and the Ride 2 Recovery!
Below is a sample paragraph/letter to help you get started. Good Luck!
(Click HERE to download an editable version)
Sample paragraph:
Most of you already know about the outstanding efforts of the Ride 2 Recovery veteran rehabilitation program. I am participating in the XXXX Challenge ride beginning XXXX. I have a fund raising goal of $XXXX and I am making steady progress but I still need to raise more. I am asking for donations of any amount, even $10-20 would be great. Of course more is even better, but I really feel that more awareness and help to our wounded brothers and sisters is the true benefit. Please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested in supporting our nation'as injured veterans.

Thanks for your support,

Sample letter:
Held in partnership with the Fitness Challenge Foundation, Ride 2 Recovery will raise money to support Spinning® Recovery Labs and outdoor cycling programs at military and Veterans Affairs locations around the U.S. to help injured veterans overcome obstacles they face. Cycling is an important part of the recovery and rehabilitation program for two reasons: (1) cycling is an activity that most patients with mental and physical disabilities can participate, and (2) participation in the R2R program increases the recovery and rehabilitation process. In 2008, R2R initiated the East and West Coast rides, as well as getting sites launched all across the country.  By 2010, R2R hosted 6 Challenges, Cyclefest events across the country, and was the beneficiary of Spinning Nation, a nationwide fundraiser.  In 2011, seven Challenges are scheduled and we expect over 30 Cyclefest events to take place all over the country.   
Here are just a few of the 2010 accomplishments: • More than 1200 Wounded Warriors participated in an event including those from the previous conflicts of Vietnam and the first Gulf War. • Provided more than 200 Spin bikes to VAs and medical hospitals, including the West Los Angeles VA and Bethesda Naval Medical Center. • Provided over 500 bicycles for Wounded Warriors to participate in R2R events. • Trained volunteers, Respiratory Therapists and Physical Therapists as certified Spinning® Instructors so classes can be taught by trained leaders. • Donated uniforms, helmets, shoes, and other cycling equipment to Wounded Warriors so they can participate in the R2R events and programs. My personal goal is to raise $X,XXX.00. If you would like to learn more about this worthy organization, go to http://www.ride2recovery.com/. If you believe in helping to heal America's Wounded Warriors as much as I do, please donate what you can. No amount is too small, but the more we help, the more we heal.
You can also check out the Ride 2 Recovery Facebook page. 
You can sponsor me directly by visiting the
search for a rider page, entering my name (XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX), and making a tax-deductible contribution through my page.
Thank you,

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