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Meet the Team

Who We Are


Ray Clark
Program Manager 
Walter Reed National
Military Medical Center
Phone:(301) 788-5193
Jason Whitman                                              
Program Manager 
Email: Jasonw@ride2recovery.com           
Phone: (270) 839-5203
Jamie Rihn
Program Manager 
Western Region
Phone: (910) 382-2003
Nathan DeWalt                                              
Program Manager - Central Florida
Email: NateD@ride2recovery.com        
Phone: (717) 324-5679
Jayme Brown
Program Manager 
Central Region
Phone: (832) 723-3132


If you are a Healing Hero and want to start riding, contact your local Project HERO cycling representative listed below to get involved at your military post/base.  In addition, there are some Project HERO volunteer reps helping at the VAs and are listed below. 


West Region Jamie Rihn  jamier@ride2recovery.com
(dark colors represent states with Project HERO locations)
Central Region Jayme Brown
(dark colors represent states with Project HERO locations)
East Region     
(dark colors represent states with Project HERO locations) 
AL, AR, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY,  OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV, WI Europe, Canada 



   Click on a location below to see their Facebook group page


Western Region Central Region Eastern Region

Regional Coordinator: Jamie Rihn

Regional Coordinator: Jayme Brown Regional Coordinator:


* * * * * Below is the contact information for your local Project HERO representative * * * * * 

Project HERO Locations: Local Representative Email
Eastern Region    
Huntsville, AL Francisco Villanueva Project.HERO.Huntsville@gmail.com
Ft Campbell, KY Tom Rutledge thomas.a.rutledge2.mil@mail.mil
Ft Benning, GA  Jarnetta Fowler jarnetta.fowler@us.army.mil
Ft. Benning, GA Felipe Chuab chuabf@yahoo.com
Ft Stewart, GA  Buddy Karolev Buddy.Karolev.ctr@mail.mil
Columbus, GA Thomas Schwerin, Jr. project.hero.columbusga@gmail.com
Fort Wayne, IN CJ Stoltie cj.stoltie@icloud.com
Indianapolis, IN Lisa Duncan project.hero.indianapolis@gmail.com
Indianapolis, IN Penny Zamora project.hero.indianapolis@gmail.com
Boston, MA Joe McLaughlin joemcl1959@comcast.net
Boston, MA Jane Isnor jmirit@gmail.com
Walter Reed Bethesda, MD Ray Clark Rayc@ride2recovery.com
Battle Creek, MI (VA) Dr. Robert Van Essen drvanessen@gmail.com
Asheville, NC Stacie Litsenberger stacie.litsenberger@va.gov
Fayetteville, NC  Andrea Graham angraham73@gmail.com
Fayetteville, NC  Mike Thomas mikethomas1@embarqmail.com
New Hampshire Scott Wells cbdoc@comcast.net
Horsham Air Guard, PA Claudia Malone Claudia.Malone@ang.af.mil
Lebanon, PA  Mike Fink fink@lvc.edu
Lebanon, PA  Kevin Koons Kevin.Koons@va.gov
Lebanon, PA  Tom Romanowski TPJROMO@gmail.com
Pittsburgh, PA Michael Ingram mbingram27@yahoo.com 
Puerto Rico Antonio Jimenez antijim578@gmail.com
Charleston, SC  Brett Green phcharlestonsc@gmail.com
Charleston, SC  Stacy Green phcharlestonsc@gmail.com
Nashville, TN Jack Wilson jmwilson1400@gmail.com
Ft Belvoir, VA  Christopher Santos christopher.j.santos.mil@mail.mil 
Ft Belvoir, VA  Glen Mingoa glenn.a.mingoa.mil@mail.mil
Arlington, VA Nicolas Clark projecthero.arlingtonva@gmail.com
Hampton Roads, VA Bob Miller bobmiller1972@gmail.com
Richmond, VA (VA) Chris Mund john.mund@va.gov
Richmond, VA (VA) Marina Libro pir8grl@ol.com
Richmond, VA (VA) Alicia Frazier alicia.frazier@va.gov
Chicago, IL Lisa Mariscal Projecthero_chicago@outlook.com 
Chicago, IL Joe Mariscal Projecthero_chicago@outlook.com
Louisville, KY Ray Davis projectherolouisville@gmail.com
Madison, WI Sherri Smith projectheromadison@gmail.com
Madison, WI Thom Smith projectheromadison@gmail.com
Central Florida Region  Nathan DeWalt NateD@ride2recovery.com
Jacksonville, FL (VA) Silvestre Hernandez nycats6@att.net
Jacksonville, FL (VA) Tracy Maxwell torchlight4change@gmail.com
Orlando, FL, (VA) Dovi Goren Dovig7@gmail.com
Pinellas, FL (VA) Mitch Lee ProjectHEROPinellas@gmail.com
Pinellas, FL (VA) Norma Lang ProjectHEROPinellas@gmail.com
Tampa FL (VA) Tami Pasquel tamara.pasquel@va.gov
Tampa FL (VA) Karla Malone malone.karla@gmail.com
Daytona, FL (VA) Joseph Teipen jsteipen@aol.com
Ohio Region Jason Whitman Jasonw@ride2recovery.com
Cincinnati, OH Jason Whitman Jasonw@ride2recovery.com
Akron, OH Tim Wilhelm earp1958@yahoo.com
Cleveland, OH Rachael Brysacz r.brysacz@me.com
Columbus, OH Jason Wilson jasontwilson10@gmail.com
Columbus & Chilicothe (VA), OH Michael London michael.london@va.gov
Columbus, OH Bernie Clear firetrace@gmail.com
Covington, OH Michael Brooks mbrooks.corestrength@gmail.com
Dayton, OH Leslie Whiting lekili.ann@gmail.com
Central Region Jayme Brown jaymeb@ride2recovery.com
Fort Smith, AR Ashley Moffett projectheroftsmith@gmail.com
Ft Carson, CO  Marc Cattapan marc_cattapan@yahoo.com
Ft Carson, CO Robert Mosley robertmos0619@gmail.com
Grand Junction, CO Carissa Hendrix projectherogj@gmail.com
Grand Junction, CO Ryan Keyes ryan.keyes@va.gov
Wichita, KS (VA) David Johnson djohnson9496@gmail.com
St. Louis, MO (VA) Jean Ferguson jean.ferguson@va.gov
Muskogee, OK Marlene Diaz marlene.diaz@va.gov  or  marlenediazcm@yahoo.com
BAMC Ft Sam Houston, TX Jayme Brown jaymeb@ride2recovery.com
Big Spring/West TX, TX (VA)  Odis Franklin odiebaby@gmail.com
College Station, TX Byron Prestridge byronprestridge@gmail.com
Dallas, TX (VA)    Robert Gray robert.gray@projectrebirth.org
El Paso, TX Paula Lubbe barneynsam@yahoo.com
Ft. Bliss, TX Elmer Feick elmer_feick@yahoo.com
Ft Hood, TX Jesus Chavez jesus.s.chavez.mil@mail.mil
Houston, TX (VA) Robert Nuttall ra9499@windstream.net
Lubbock, TX Doug Regester doug4695@att.net
Salt Lake City, UT Dean Zenoni r2rherosic@aol.com
West Region Jamie Rihn jamier@ride2recovery.com
Phoenix, AZ (VA) TBD TBD
Balboa Naval Med Center, CA Jamie Rihn jamier@ride2recovery.com
Camp Pendleton, CA Jamie Rihn jamier@ride2recovery.com
Long Beach, CA (VA) John Morlock lasafety4u@aol.com
Loma Linda/Murrieta, CA (VA) Mikel Alford chiefdevildoc@gmail.com
Loma Linda/Murrieta, CA (VA) Ken Haley ssgtusmchaley@aol.com
Livermore, CA (VA) David Lang graceupongrace@yahoo.com
Northern California (NorCal) David Lang graceupongrace@yahoo.com
Menlo Park, CA - Inpatient (VA) Gil Ramirez  gramirezjr@gmail.com
Menlo Park, CA - Inpatient (VA) Melissa Puckett mapuckett08@gmail.com
Palo Alto, CA  (VA) Blair Reels Jr. breels116@aim.com
Menlo Park, CA (VA) John Walden jlwldn@gmail.com
Palo Alto, CA- Outpatient (VA) Andy Duprey andy.duprey@va.gov
Riverside/ San Bernardino, CA Sean Murphy sgtwolfmaster@gmail.com
Sacramento, CA Doug Hebbard douglashebbard@comcast.net
Sacramento, CA Jeff Larson fivelarsons@comcast.net
San Francisco, CA Nicholas Rusanoff nicholas.rusanoff@gmail.com
Santa Maria, CA (VA)/ Vandenberg AFB, CA  Greg Webster Greg.Webster@l-3com.com
Santa Maria, CA (VA)/ Vandenberg AFB, CA  Diana Paul diana.projecthero.r2r@gmail.com
Sepulveda, CA (VA) John Morlock lasafety4u@aol.com
San Joaquin, CA Gary Colburn gbcolburn@gmail.com
San Joaquin, CA Overton Nash nashov@yahoo.com
Ventura, CA Jason Rocha projectheroventura@gmail.com
Schofield Barracks, HI Mark Marble mark.a.marble.ctr@mail.mil
Alburquerque, NM (VA) TBD TBD
City of Reno, NV April Wolfe wolfea@reno.gov
Reno, NV  Adam Kovac kovacadam89@gmail.com
Las Vegas, NV (VA) Paul Capinas capinasgp@yahoo.com
Las Vegas, NV (VA) Charlie Yoerger cj2drive@yahoo.com

Kingston, ON

Sean Stadnisky


Vancouver, BC

Nick Bondi


Greenwood, Nova Scotia

Dean Peach


Nicolas Clark

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Beaches to Peaches

March 5 - 12, 2017 - Jacksonville, FL - Atlanta, GA

The Challenge Series is an incredible event that brings together injured veterans, active military and public supporters in a multi-day journey that covers hundreds of miles and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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The Honor Rides Series raises awareness and is the funding arm for Ride 2 Recovery and gives the public the opportunity to ride with healing heroes and enlisted military on a non-competitive, fun ride. Close to 20 Honor Rides will take place throughout the year, with varying distances from 10 to 100 miles. All funds raised through the Honor Ride Series support Project Hero programs throughout the US.

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Ride 2 Recovery’s Project HERO (Healing Exercise Rehabilitation Opportunity) Provides training and support for community based programs. Begun in November 2010 at Bethesda Naval Medical Center (now Walter Reed National Military Medical Center), Project HERO has proven the effectiveness of group riding in the rehabilitation and recovery of injured servicemembers.

About Special Events

Vegas Mountain Bike Ride 2017

Jan. 29 - Feb. 1, 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Special Events are meant to provide a rehabilitative experience for Healing Heroes that is similar to the Challenge Series but in a unique location with different and distinctive activities. Generally, these events require advanced fitness and abilities compared to the Challenge Series.

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Combating PTSD and TBI-related Mental Health Issues

Cyclist Stories

Delvin McMillian

Delvin McMillian had one question for the Ride 2 Recovery team, “how can I join the ride?” UnitedHealthcare employee, Walter Chwalik, told Delvin about Ride 2 Recovery and showed pictures from his ride in Florida. Our question at R2R was “how can we make a bike that will allow Delvin to ride independently?